Monday, November 22, 2010

Amarixe: Monday Questionair!

This is Amarixes Monday Questionair. It brings me back to High school days answering  these on Hotmail for hours haha

1.) Mood: 
So So, it' ass cold out so I'm feeling very unproductive
2.) Current nail polish: 
Orly Platinum (and my thumb is China Glaze Re-Fresh-Mint cause I wanted to see what the color looked like on)
3.) Any big plans today/this week? 
Turkey day!!
4.) If you celebrate Thanksgiving this week, what is your favorite dish at dinner? If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, what is your favorite holiday dish in general? 
Stuffing for sure!
5.) Current outfit: 
My Target Rain boots, AE jeans, Downeast Outfitters cream T, Wet Seal black cardi, and swirly blingy headband
6.) What is your favorite holiday movie? 
The Grinch! The new one and the old one
7.) Ugg boots: yay or nay? 
hells yay!
8.) Have you/do you plan on seeing the new Harry Potter movie? 
Yep going to it tonight with the BF's fam.
9.) If you could switch bodies with one person for a day, who would it be?
Alissandria Ambrosio! I think she is beautiful and I would love to be a model for just one day!
10.) Weekly goals: 
Run on the treadmill, get 1/2 of my xmas list checked off, and figure out this blog thing haha!

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